Message from Dr. Hiroshi Hamamoto, Professor of Infectious Diseases

I am Dr. Hiroshi Hamamoto, a Professor of Infectious Diseases at the Department of Infectious Diseases, Yamagata University Faculty of Medicine. My primary focus has been on the development of antibiotics effective against multidrug-resistant bacteria and fundamental research on the analysis of bacterial and fungal pathogenicity. For more detailed information about my research, please visit my page in the staff introduction section (insert link).

Over the years, our laboratory has evolved from a basic research center to a more clinically oriented research institution. Initially established as the Department of Bacteriology by Professor Morio Honma, it was later led by Professor Kiyoto Nakamura (the second professor) and Professor Seiji Hongo (the third professor). In April 2009, the department was renamed the Department of Infectious Diseases, succeeding the Department of Developmental Bioregulation. Notably, our laboratory has emerged as the sole research center for the influenza C virus in Japan. Associate Professor Matsuzaki and his colleagues are actively involved in analyzing the epidemiology of influenza C viruses and their multiplication mechanisms.

Our research and educational activities encompass a wide range of cutting-edge research methods, including genomics, Natural Products Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Pharmacokinetics, Toxicology, and Chemical Biology. These methodologies are essential for drug discovery research and contribute to research outcomes of international significance. Within our laboratory, students are nurtured in logical thinking and develop presentation skills required for thesis writing, along with extensive research and paper reading. Our ultimate goal is to educate aspiring researchers who can seamlessly integrate the latest techniques into their medical practice and research endeavors.

We warmly welcome graduate students and master's students who are eager to engage in research. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested.

Dr. Hiroshi Hamamoto
Professor of Infectious Diseases
Department of Infectious Diseases
Yamagata University Faculty of Medicine